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We are a Lincoln-based family run business, specialising in coffee and tea since 1902. Visit us at the High Bridge and The Lawn!

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  • Suite 1, The Lawn, Union Road, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, LN1 3BU

About Stokes Tea & Coffee

A family run business since 1902. Our vast range of tea and coffee is sourced, blended, roasted and packed in our Lincoln home, at The Lawn.

Stokes Tea and Coffee all began in 1892 when Robert William Stokes moved to Lincoln, in 1902 he began selling teas and coffee. The full history of Stokes can be found here - walk through time and learn what made us the company we are today.

Today, Stokes remains a family company, 4th generation with Roberts great grandson, Nick Peel (Managing Director) leading the way. To learn more about the Stokes Tea and Coffee team click here.

Stokes in Lincoln understand their history and their community helped make them what they are today and the business gives back at any opportunity, sponsoring local enterprises, donating to local charities and good causes. Stokes also support local businesses using them as their supplier for many of the delicious treats and offerings they have in their cafes, and online.

Most recently, Stokes became sponsors of the up and coming Lincoln City Women FC, as well as getting involved in the C2C2C (Coast to Castle to Coast), a Lincolnshire charity 100 mile(!) bike ride.

Further afield, we're diligent to ensure all our products are ethically sourced and the areas are supported, using organisations such as the Rainforest Alliance. We also support coffee kids - a charity giving better healthcare and education to those less fortunate. Read more about our ethics policy here.

The environment and 'doing things right' is very important to Stokes. You read about our corporate and social responsibility here.

As a company we work hard to be the best - serving and delivering the best quality teas and coffee, offering the best service levels whether in our cafes or as wholesale and trade, doing the best to help local businesses and charities, doing the best to operate in ethical and helpful ways to all. We live for and learn from feedback, so please let us know if we're not meeting expectations.

We look forward to serving you soon...

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